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How do you access the library resources from off campus?

The Mabee Library has implemented EZProxy, an easier method of accessing library databases and online journals off-campus. You will no longer have to download a software client to your computer in order to access resources. If you use these resources from an on-campus computer, your computer is identified as being on the UIW network and you can access the resources seamlessly. EZProxy allows your off-campus computer to be identified as part of the UIW network.

EZProxy will determine if you are a current student, faculty member or staff member with the University of the Incarnate Word as a way to view e-resources.

How does it work?

With PrimoSearch

  • You search for an online resource using PrimoSearch
  • When you click on an online article name or if you select online text, you will be given a list of databases.
  • When you click on the database name, you will be prompted for your UIW Network (Cardinal Email) username and password. 
  • Once this information is authenticated by the EZproxy service, you will be able to open the article for viewing. 
  • You will only need to authenticate once during your searching session.

Direct Method

  • Access the library web site, click on Find Articles and Databases
  • From this page you can select Subject Areas or go directly to the Alphabetic List.
  • When you locate the desired database, click on the name. 
  • At that point, EZProxy will prompt you for your username and password.
  • You can now search and access articles within the database.
  • It works similarly with the Journal List.

Step-By-Step EZProxy Instructions

How do you get Technical Support?

  • call the UIW 24/7 Help Desk 210-829-2721, or toll free at 866-614-5043

What if I have forgotten my E-mail/Network Login and Password?

  • If you have forgotten your e-mail login, please call the UIW 24/7 Help Desk 210-829-2721, or toll free at 866-614-5043.

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